Unitizr Example Urgent Services


Urgent writer copy request. If you need you copy completed prior to the regular release date, select the number of days, EARLY, you want to have your document delivered by*.

*30 days is regular delivery. 10 days early would = $250.00

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Content can be added to this area by using the Content Helpers in your Unitizr Contol Panel content tag

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An example of how a product can be used for Adding an Urgency Fee based on number of days.

This product would represent a repair or service item that you need ‘x’ number of days from today.

The “days” can be changed to hours, weeks, months (maybe use for limo service or brochure delivery).

In this example, $150.00 (USD) is the “base” price for the item. An additional 25.00 will be charged for each day a customer selects. In our example here, we are charging $25.00 per day to push your service in front of other customers.



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