Example Product without Datepicker


Example product of service that allows for customer to pick how many pages they would like at 450.00 per page.

Content can go here

Content can be added to this area by using the Content Helpers in your Unitizr Contol Panel content tag



Date picker can be hidden by leaving the product editor datepicker label field blank[1]. In order for this to work correctly, you must also set the “Text Before Begin Date”[2] main options in the Unitizr Settings page to blank as well.

[1] label[2] label in admin

So leaving the Settings page option blank and leaving the product page editor label name “” field blank, this will have the datepicker and the label hidden on the product public side page; for that product. The date and label will not work in any other fashion as well. For example, the product will not save any type of date entry at all.

If you have text of any sorts in the “Text Before Begin Date” main options in the Unitizr Settings page, then that text will show on any page that does not have any text added to the product editor “” field.

Theoretical product on this page is for a website build which costs $1000 USD to setup and then $450 per page.