Documentation for Unitizr-Plus

Help and Information

1. Label for Checkout Field

Checkout label
Checkout page label

This field appears on the customers order invoice and email and in the Cart. Maybe name it Additional Costs or Accumulated Cost, to keep it universal for all types of incremental products.

2. Admin Order Text

Cart text field shows in orders and admin as well

What the administrator text will be on the Orders page or Woocommerce Orders.

3. Display Increment

Shows in front of the single product page Unitizr quantity

Text to display on the product page. Text will show above the add-to-cart button to the left of the quantity field. Could be Days, Hours, Tours….

4. Text Before Begin Date

Begin date field label
Begin date field label

Leaving this field blank in the admin Configuration and Settings page will force the title to not be displayed at all, unless the Product editor page has a value. Leaving both fields on both pages blank will result in the DatePicker not being displayed or saved.

5. Style

style fields
Style fields for inputs and title on single product page

Styling should be done as if you were writing style properties between the inline style element. For single-product page usetext-inputclass selector styles. Leaving the field blank will also allow you to add your own styles externally. The selectors for this field are class .quantity.wnd wraps the label and the input, which is id wnd_quantity

6. Tax Options

This adjust the Additional Fee tax rate only – not the product tax rate. Choices are: standard | reduced | zero. See Woocommerce Settings to set taxes

7. Zero Entry

Check box to allow customers to press the Add-To-Cart button WITHOUT requiring them to select a duration from the unitizr quantity field. This gives the option to add rental price of product as the same price of the rental per day price.

8. Allow Product Price to Match Fee

Check to have product price the same as increment. You still must add fees price to product data. All this really does is count the number of increments the person selected in the product page and subtracts one (day) from the increments so the first (day) is the price of the product.

9. Remove Unitizr styles effecting Woocommerce

Check to have the default Unitizr plugin styles that control the Woocommerce text and number fields removed. This is helpful for themes that over-ride Woocommerce styles or for situations where Unitizr may be inteferring with Woocommerce design or layout issues.